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 The LWECO GROUP LLC was founded in 2010 as a sourcing supplier of construction equipment, materials and supplies for a huge railroad rebuilding project in Liberia, West Africa. Gabions were employed to shore up and support 21 bridges along a 260 km rail system destroyed by previous years of war. 

Thousands of gabions were provided in this effort and when the project was completed, the experience we learned by the Liberia project lead to the establishment of Gabion Supply.com in 2012. 

We are a veteran owned and managed company offering quality American made gabions, geo materials and construction equipment to a wide range of customers including: State DOT Agencies, Cities,  US Forest Service, Contractors, Builders, Landscape Designers & Architects, Excavators, Farmers, Do-It-Yourselfers and more. 

Since our start in 2010, our business has grown exponentially and we are now the exclusive U.S. supplier of DURA-WELDTM, DURA-FLEXTM and DURA-GUARDTM Gabions ... all Made in America.

In addition ... we offer the widest variety of standard and custom sizes, various wire gauges and finishes of gabions on the internet.

Our network partners consist of factories and stocking warehouses across the U.S. allowing us to provide localized shipments with reduced freight charges. 

​We ship throughout the United States including Alaska and Hawaii and also have regular shipments to Canada and The Caribbean Islands.