DURA-WELD™ Gabions come pre-assembled in the factory with hinged panels folded flat for shipping and ease of unloading. They are easily expanded and ready to fill with rocks

Once expanded and place in position, DURA-WELD™ Gabions are securely interconnected with corkscrew type spiral binders at each vertical junction. Time studies have shown that welded wire baskets install at a rate that reduces labor by at least 40% compared to twisted wire gabions

DURA-WELD™ Gabions provide shape control superior to twisted or woven wire fabric. Internal diaphragms and preformed corner stiffeners brace adjacent panels and add stiffness for more shape control

ASTM A974-97
DURA-WELD™ Gabions and mattresses meet ASTM A974-97 requirements with regard to the materials of construction and method of manufacture.
ASTM A974-97 also establishes minimum requirements for pre-assembly of the baskets and mattresses for shipping. The steel wire mesh used in constructing a DURA-WELD gabion  can be plain steel, stainless steel, galvanized or galvanized and PVC coated. Stainless steel and PVC coated gabions are typically used in applications where greater durability or an environmentally blended appearance is desired.

Low Cost
Gabion structures using DURA-WELD™ Gabions can be built almost anywhere with unskilled labor and often without the use of heavy equipment

Environment Friendly
DURA-WELD™ Gabions have less impact on the environment than concrete and other construction materials

Aesthetically Pleasing
DURA-WELD™ Gabions have a natural appearance and furthur enhanced when combined with plants & vegetation growth

Low carbon welded wire mesh ensure maximum strength and PVC coated wire offers double the protection against corrosion than galvanized finish wire

DURA-WELD™ Gabions are designed for high velocity water flow. Spaces between rocks help dissipate energy and provide positive drainage. They are often used in environmentally sensitive locations such as marine applications

Long Lasting
DURA-WELD™ Gabions can last a lifetime, depending on the environment, application and surface coating

The fastening materials (heavy formed spiral binders and lacing wire) ensure that the units act as one strong monolithic structure

DURA-WELD™ Gabions can fit into tight spaces and accommodate significant soil settlement. Winter freeze and thaw conditions have minimal impact to its structure

Low Maintenance
DURA-WELD™ Gabions are virtually maintenance free when erected and installed properly

Unlike rigid steel and concrete retaining structures, DURA-WELD™ Gabions are resistant to hydrostatic pressure build up in earthen or marine environments


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