Gabion check dams are small barriers constructed of a series of gabion baskets bound together to form a flexible row that acts to slow down the water flow in drainage ditches or storm water runoff channels 

They are commonly used with moderate slopes up to 10% and positioned in series with a typical spacing of 25 -100 yds. apart. These dams are either constructed straight across the channel or in a crescent shape with its open end upstream. The crescent shape check dam is commonly used to allow a longer spillway than is possible with a straight one. At the same time it anchors and protects the ends of the dam. An offset equal to about one-sixth of the gully's width at the dam site will generally provide sufficient curvature.

The gabion baskets should be securely wired to a row of posts set along the curve of the dam at about 3 ft intervals. Posts should be placed to form an interval near the center of the gully for the central portion of the spillway.

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