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Gabions are an excellent solution for culvert outlet pipe protection. When properly installed, they help to reduce the depth, velocity and energy of water  discharging from the outlet pipe.

The scour apron is placed at the base of the inlet our outlet and is designed specifically to prevent scour and erosion on the base.


Walt - just a short note to say that the Gabion's we purchased worked like a charm...In a weekend, we placed and filled the Gabions to make a Headwall for a bridge we had built earlier using four 4 foot diameter culverts.  We had to use our creative skills to cut and modify several of the 3x3x3 Gabions to fit between the existing pipes - but we made it work.  This should prevent a future washout of the bridge (which had happened this past July 4th with a DELUGE of rain in the South Carolina area (Lake Hartwell, which this stream empties into just a 1/4 mile downstream, rose over 5 feet in less than a week!)  We think it's pretty 'washout proof' now!


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