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Q: Where are you located ?       Where do ship from ? 

A: Our general offices are located in Delaware and we ship standard gabions and geo materials from 10 warehouse locations across the US. Custom gabions come from Wisconsin, California, Texas and Louisianna.

Q: Do you charge sales tax ?

A: We are headquartered in Delaware ... a sales tax free state. Also since we have no tax nexus offices in other states, we are not required to withhold  sales taxes.


Q: I have a residential landscaping / garden project ...  Can you help?

A. Yes we can ... but keep in mind that all our shipments go by common carrier trucks requiring deliver trucks equipped with a lift gate. That lift gate will add approximately $75.00 to $125.00 depending on the carrier and your zip code. To save money on shipping, we can have the materials shipped to a local truck terminal for pick up. Also ... on very small jobs, the freight charges may exceed the value of the materials. If you only need a couple of small baskets, we can ship them via UPS ( max 75 lbs) for a shipping and handling charge of $75.00.

Q: Where do you sell your gabion products ?
A: We sell our systems all over the US including Alaska and Hawaii. We also ship our gabions and geo materials to freight forwarders that provide shipping to international locations.

Q: Do you sell your materials in Canada ? 

A: Yes ... we make daily shipments to all Canadian provinces and can deliver to the border for pick up or ship directly to your address in Canada.

Q: Who pays the Canadian taxes ?

A: We provide a Commercial Invoice and pay for the customs broker unless you already have a broker. You are responsible for any duties, provincial or country taxes.

Q: What is the design life or service life of your gabion walls ?  - How long will they last ? 

A: Normal service life for permanent gabion structures is 50+ years. By utilizing heavier gauge galvanized or galvanized and PVC coated wire, additional service life can be achieved. Service life is also dependent on a number of factors, such as soil conditions, loading and seismic factors. Significant cost savings can be realized if your application warrants a MSE retaining wall.  Contact us to discuss the specifics of your application.