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GABION SUPPLY Geo-Cell Cellular Confinement System are mats produced from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and have three dimensional cells that contain, confine and reinforce a variety of fill materials including native fill, topsoil, granular or concrete. This material has excellent UV resistancet and most naturally occurring soil conditions. The mats measure appx 27.4' x 8.4' and come compressed for trasport and are easily handled and installed.

Typical Applications:

Soil stabilization on steep embankments
Slope stabilization
Road construction
Railway construction

GEO CELL mats can be used on a variety of flat or sloped sites. In many areas, slopes are too steep for simple hydroseeding to be effective. The use of GEO CELLS provides a method to anchor the mulch to the soil to reduce runoff and help vegetation establishment. These mats are most effective on steep slopes where the threat of erosion is high. The mats are also effective in areas where the soils are already disturbed and vegetative growth may be slow.

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