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The DURA-FLEX river mattress is a low profile gabion made of galvanized double-twisted wire mesh and when filled with rocks at the project site, forms a flexible, permeable, monolithic structure for river bank protection and channel linings for erosion control.

Gabion mattresses aka "RENO MATTRESSES" are constructed of 13 gauge (0.087") galvanized double- twisted mild steel wire mesh with a hex shaped mesh opening of 2-1/2" x 3-1/4" (6x8 cm) with heavier selvedge wire framing and conforms to ASTM A975-97 specifications .

Mattresses can be supplied in various length, widths and height. The most common sizes are : 12'x 6', 9'x6' and 6'x6'  with depths of 6", 9" or 12". We also supply Jumbo Mattresses in lenghts up to 100' long and shipped as rolls

Mattresses are also available with a 0.5mm thickness P.V.C. coating to protect the mattresses from corrosion.
All gabion mattresses are pre-assembled in the factory and shipped flat. We supply lacing wire for assembly and installation. For larger projects, a pneumatic hog ring closing gun and hog ring fasteners will speed up installation by 30% +



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