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Call Before You Dig is a Free Service!

Toll-free Numbers:

National One-Call: 811
Maryland: 1-800-257-7777
New York: 1-800-962-7962
North Carolina: 1-800-632-4949

Ohio: 1-800-362-2764
Pennsylvania: 1-800-242-1776
Virginia: 1-800-552-7001
West Virginia: 1-800-245-4848

Be Safe -- Call First

Accidentally digging into utility lines is extremely dangerous and can result in serious injury or death. Such accidents also endanger others and can disrupt essential utility services that people rely on every day.

Be safe -- protect yourself and those around you by calling 811 and avoid causing an accident.

Call First – Underground power lines, communication cables, gas lines, water lines or other utilities may lie at various depths below the surface of your property or areas of planned excavation. It is important to be safe before excavating by alerting the appropriate state notification center and allowing time for the area utility companies to mark the location of their underground facilities.
Respect Marks –It also is important to respect the marks indicating the presence of underground utilities. Excavation should be carefully performed only after confirming that all utilities have marked the location of their facilities. Remember that locating underground utility lines is not an exact science and location marks have varying bands of required accuracy, depending on a particular state's requirements. These can range from 18 to 24 inches from the actual facility.
One-Call System – In addition to the national One-Call number 811, all states provide a One-Call communication system that provides one telephone number for excavation contractors and the general public. Please: Always call when you intend to excavate, blast or do any tunneling work.



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