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Are fabricated using low carbon steel wire in AWG 12, 11, 9 and 6 gauge with a resistance weld at each intersection
Standard mesh opening is 3" x 3" with a uniform square pattern
Custom mesh, smaller openings, rectangular patterns, etc are made to order and available on request 

Standard sizes:                                                
                                         L W H  

                       3'x3'x3'     6'x3'x3'      9'x3'x3'     12'x3'x3'
                      6'x3'x1.5'     9'x3'x1.5'     12'x3'x1.5'
                      6'x3'x1'      9'x3'x1'    12'x3'x1' 

Welded mesh, spiral binders tie-wire and corner stiffeners all conform to requirements of ASTM A974


Our welded mesh DURA-WELD™ Gabion Mattresses are fabricated from low carbon steel wire
AWG 13.5 gauge with 3" x 1.5" mesh 

DURA-WELD™  Gabion Baskets and Mattresses come in plain steel, galvanized, galvanized and PVC coated or stainless steel 

Spiral corner binders are the standard fastener for DURA-WELD™  welded mesh Gabions and Gabion mattresses.

Hog-rings (extra cost) may be used as an alternate to spiral binders for landscaping and decorative gabion applications.

DURA-WELD™ Gabion Baskets and Mattresses are pre-assembled at the factory then knocked down and folded flat for truck shipment

GABION SUPPLY offers DURA-WELD™ premium grade gabions made in the USA

Our gabions meet or exceed the highest standards in the gabion industry - ASTM

Every stage in our manufactures' process is monitored to provide the best quality product on the market today

 DURA-WELD™ Gabions are made to be of the highest quality and products with this logo associated with them are
capable of being certified by state and federal specification in accordance with ASTM

Gabions - Technical Information

Gabions are manufactured using low carbon steel wire and various
protective coatings. The following table is offered as a guide only and
should not be considered as a means of selecting the proper wire type or
coating for a specific application

  Welded mesh gabions are manufactured to ASTM 974-97.

Type of Coating

         Compound                                                  Weight of Coating               Expected Life

Galvanized - Zinc 100%                                         280gsm (40mu)            more than 20 years

Galfan - Zinc 95%, Aluminium 5%                       280gsm (40 mu)           more than 40 years

Galfan - Zinc 95%, Aluminium 5%                        350gsm (50 mu)           more than 50 years

Galfan/ HDPE - HDPE (1 mm) coated Zn95Al5  280gsm (40 mu)            more than 120 years

Galfan/ HDPE - HDPE (1mm) coated Zn95Al5    350gsm (50 mu)           more than 130 years

Type 316 Stainless Steel                            Type 316 Stainless Steel         more than 100 years



  DURA-WELD™ Gabions can be fabricated from a variety of materials depending on the application:

  Common material finishes used in fabricating Gabion Baskets are:  

       Low Carbon /Plain Steel - Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel - Aluminum Alloy - Stainless Steel

Use in coastal applications, corrosive soil/water elements , or wherever abrasion may be prevalent

Our low profile gabion baskets can be easily transformed into free standing walls 

Just take a standard 6' x 3' x 1.5' or 12' x 3' x 1.5' gabion basket and turn it on end to produce a
 6' or 12' long x 1.5' wide x 3' high wall 

Adding another course will produce a wall 6' high  

Adding additional baskets in line will produce a long continuous wall

NOTE: The gabion in this configuration requires internal posts embedded in concrete to stabilize the structure

NOTE: The information we have provided are suggestions only ... please be sure to get the advise of a competent engineer or contractor before starting your project

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